Saturday, November 27, 2010

From the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, "Goldfinches are among the strictest vegetarians in the bird world, selecting an entirely vegetable diet and only inadvertently swallowing an occasional insect." I know how they feel.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What the world eats

Time Magazine has some great photos. 16 families from around the world pose with one week's worth of food.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holiday Cooking Session

People always ask me to do one session to show them how to make a certain dish, dessert, a certain cuisine. I usually do that only as part of my coaching programs. But because so many of you have been asking for these sessions, I decided to offer them throughout the holiday season to help you plan a healthier Thanksgiving dinner.

How does it work? Contact us via email or phone (all available at We will discuss what type of cooking you would like to do. Make an appointment or us to come to your house to prepare the dishes. The session lasts 2 hours. Depending on the difficulty of the recipes, we can make 2 to 4 recipes.

So what are you waiting for? Surprise your guests this thanksgiving with a cabbage salad smothered in miso-ginger dressing, a succulent dip made with leek-confit and fresh peas, butternut squash soup, peanut soup, coconut-lime cake, Tarte Tatin, and many more.

How to Peel a Pumpkin

Pumpkins are not just for carving. They are colorful, chuckfull of vitamins and minerals, and fiber. Best of all, they cost nearly nothing both in price and calories. Not as hard as you think. The important part is to have a stable cutting board, a sharp chef's knife and some elbow oil. Once you have these tools aligned, just watch this video for the tutorial.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

No More Diabetes

Just 3 months on the Zizania program and I am no longer diabetic. I cannot express my gratitude in words to Dominique Hoffman for putting such an innovative program in place, for her patience and in-depth knowledge of nutrition, food, and her ability to assist me in changing my eating habits.

I have been diabetic for 10 years, I did not believe that it could be reversed. I have lost 20 lbs. My hands and face use to be swollen and puffy, they now look normal. One morning I woke up and I felt my toes. It just occurred to me that I have been living with neuropathy for God knows how long and did not know it. But the best part is the food was amazing and I did not feel deprived one day! I stopped snacking on cheese and crackers, I ended by afternoon visits to the candy bowl, and because I no longer eat packaged food, take outs, and restaurant meals, my grocery bill has reduced by 30 %.

It is simply wonderful to feel healthy every day and so easy to get used to feeling good.

From Lana
Springfield, VA

Monday, August 2, 2010

Recipe Make-Over

Send us your grandmother's, mother in-law's, or other vintage recipe that is heavy and high in calories. If it is selected for a make-over, you will win $20 and your recipe will be printed in our next newsletter.

Here is how to play:
Visit our website
Click on Contact Us
Send us a message with your contact info, how you heard about us, anything you want us to know about you.
We will reply with a fax number so you can either type and email the recipe or fax it if it is already on a piece of paper or too long to type.

Let's get cooking !

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gina's Recipe Make-Over

1 med. onion, diced
1 Tbsp. oil
1 clove garlic, minced (more if you want)
2 vegetable bouillon cube
1 c cannelloni beans, soaked overnight in 6 cups of water and 1/2 t baking soda
1 c navy or great northern beans, soaked as above
5 dried Santa Fee peppers, hydrated in warm water
1 can (4 oz.) diced green chilies
1 ½-2 tsp. cumin
1 tsp. oregano
1/4 c lime
Salt and pepper to taste
6 c water -preferably filtered
1 ripe and diced avocado for serving

Heat oil in a large, heavy saucepan. Add onion, sautee for 2 minutes then add garlic; Cook 2 more min. Add oregano, cumin, salt and pepper, stir for 1 min. or so then deglaze with lime juice. Add the water, bring to a boil. Add the bouillon cubes and rinsed beans. Lower the heat to a simmer.
Process the Santa Fee peppers in a blender to make a puree. Add to the beans. Cook for 45 minutes or until beans are cooked.
Take 2 cups of beans and process in a blender until creamy, pour back into the pot. Add the chilies. Turn off the heat and stir to combine.
Serve topped with avocados.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Blog Contributor

Hello all, My name is Terri and I signed up with Zizania in mid-June. I am working to reverse my Type 2 diabetes and get healthier overall. Dominique was referred to me by two of her other clients. No sooner had I met Dominique that I ended up in the hospital for a week and had to delay the program. I didn't know it, but I had a bone infection that was affecting me systemically. The whole time I was in the hospital I was eating from their "diabetic" menu. I still can't believe the diabetic-unfriendly items on their menu. My blood sugars were over 300 everyday.

Dominique came to my home the day I was released from the hospital and we made our first recipes. My blood sugars reduced significantly everyday after making the change to a healthy dietary plan. In a week my blood sugars were in the 120 range. I also lost 16 pounds in 4 weeks, very exciting and very promising! Working with Dominique and Brandi has been such a great honor and a pleasure. Both of them are so "real" and make the program fun; I have learned so much.

I hit a rough spot about four weeks into the program when I had to have surgery. It was traumatic for me and left me feeling very depressed and seeking old comfort foods. Then I was too embarassed to submit food journals. Although the last three weeks have been rough, I hadn't given up completely and still primarily adhered to the diet. Dominique and I had a long talk this week and I am back on track. She and Brandi are always so supportive and helpful.

I add this information about the rough spot to give encouragement to others to keep going with the program even when the stressors of life may contribute to deviations in your plan. Life is full of ups and downs. Eventually it will be up again so I keep moving forward; hopefully you will too. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lost 6 lbs in 1 week

I'm doing very well! 6 lbs off as of this morning and loving it! Energy is high, stayed thoughout the weekend. I bought a blender that also came with a food processor so this is going to help a lot with all the smoothies and the chopping that's done. Sat with my SO and he was having roasted potatoes with ketchup. I read the ingredients on the bottle and was amazed at the high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup loaded into those ingredients! Next step is to take instructions from Dominique to sustain this life style after the detox - which, by the way, I'm continuing this next week as well.

Author: Noel Weller, Alexandria, VA.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Skinny Dipping

That's what she calls her top 10 vegetable dips for hot summer days.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Delicious Treats for the planet

Who said desserts can't be healthy? Come see our Vegan Bake Sale, in participation with World Wide Vegan bake sale organized by Compassion4animals so come on out, bring a friend and little ones if you have them, and join us for some delicious and healthy treats.
Mention this post and get a free cookie!
1452 North Point Village Center
Reston, Virginia 20194-1190
2:00 to 4:00

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Protein Drinks Show Contamination

The Washington Post reported today that Consumer Reports tested protein drinks and found that all 15 showed at least one sample containing arsenic, cadmium, or mercury. For three of the drinks, you would exceed recommended maximum limits if you drank three of them in a day.
Heavy metal belongs in your earphones, not your diet. Fortunately, there's an easy solution: don't drink these things. They're expensive, and almost no Americans need more protein in their diets, anyway.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Class: Going with the Grain

Can you name 5 grains that you know? Now, how many of them do you eat regularly? This class will show you grains that you may have heard of but never tried: sorghum, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, amaranth, and more. You will learn new sources of calcium, protein, and fiber, which have amazing taste without even seasoning.

Date: Thursday September 23rd
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: 6910 Richmond Highway. Alexandria, VA
Registration: Call 703 639 7063

Class: Sweet and Light

Dessert! You can enjoy healthy, delicious, and amazing desserts that will actually boost your immune system, give you many nutrients, and help you gain energy, with all the pleasure of dessert intact. Here are a few, just to caress your curiosity: blueberry chocolate mousse; chocolate silk pie; fruit cobbler.... Date: Tuesday September 21st Time: 7:00 PM Location: 6910 Richmond Highway. Alexandria, VA Registration: Call 703 639 7063

Class: Raw Food Preparation

Turn off the stove, save money on air conditioning, eat outside without cooking. You can do all these things by eating raw.

This class will introduce you to preparing scrumptious salads, soups, desserts, without touching the heat. Your taste buds will be tickled “green” and awaken new sensations in your body, while savoring these delicious recipes, charged with nutrients. Experience the power of food!

Date: Wedesday September 29th
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: 6910 Richmond Highway. Alexandria, VA
Registration: Call 703 639 7063

Class: Reversing Diabetes

Type II diabetes is actually not diabetes, just insulin resistance. You'll learn what Type II diabetes is, what causes it, what it does to the body, and how adding and removing a few foods to your diet can lead to the total elimination of insulin resistance. Our Type II diabetes clients have reversed this disease in matter of months. Wouldn╩╝t you like to be one of them?

Date and time: Sat. June 26 at 2:00 pm
Location: Sunflower Restaurant, Falls Church, VA.
Fee: $30 + food consumption, paid to the restaurant

This is a very educational and informative seminar, it will change your life!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vitamin D

This is a very good article about different types of Vitamin D and how it interacts with the human body. Read full article here.

New Location for Zizania

Zizania has a new office. It is located in Alexandria VA, at 6910 Richmond Highway. It is in a beautiful building with plenty of parking space and right off 495. Attend our grand opening on June 20th and receive 10% on your next nutrition program or class. Contact us for details, and click on contact us.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Health" Food Smackdown

The wonderful people (ok, the overeducated, sarcastic, know-it-alls) at Cracked have published an article entitled "Eight Health Foods that are Bad for your Health". Highly recommended for anybody who took too many science classes in school. Very funny, for anybody else.

Friday, April 2, 2010

How time changes!

Wikipedia's "picture of the day" yesterday was an advertisement from 1895. It's a definite sign of how people's opinions about nutrition, health, and beauty have undergone some changes over the years.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The party's over :-(

Sad to say and hard to believe its two weeks on Madam D's nutritional detox! Time flies when you are having fun! While my purpose for the detox was to learn more about my body and what should and should not go in it I ended up losing 3 pounds to boot! I reported no weight loss the after the first week and with a commitment to the finish I was very surprised to see this result and can hope that by incorporating much of the ingredients of the meal plan and eliminating the junk, I can continue towards healthier living. Conincidently and as many of you may already know or are coming to realize, Madam D is really onto something here and her advise and services are really starting to hit mainstream. Check out this link to recent nutritional coverage on the very mainstream aol healthly living site!\2010\02\25\surprising-superfoods Hats off to Madam D - Thank You! Good luck to all!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The economics of fat

A few years ago, PCRM (Dominique is a big fan) published a nice little graphic that shows how the subsidies the USDA pays to agribusiness relate to the USDA's own recommended diet.
The two-pyramid graphic has been picked up by the New York Times' "Economix" blog, and paired with some timelines of how the prices of various things in the grocery store have changed over the last 30 years. Go check it out.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Taste buds, teeth, skin and the Blender!

First, thanks all to having increased the contributions to the blog, I'm feeling a lot less lonely out here and can relate to most all comments, observations, feelings, etc. I did get to gym last night and had an excellent light weight, bike and elliptical work out with short 15 min dry sauna. I'm still feeling the toxins (the starting of a charlie house which dissipates) in my calf muscles. I also seem to be able to stretch slightly more on warm up/wind down. Finally did weigh myself and much to my surprise had only lost 1 pound! On title - I've noticed a marked difference in my taste sensors, particularly to salt and sugars (never realized how sugary tasting bananas and apples can be). And strangely, I seem to have a need to brush my teeth throughout the day as I sense/feel that "fuzzy socks over teeth" sensation mid day and mid evening. I am also noticing that my normally very oily face & head is much less oily and my skin is indeed softer to the touch and my hands seem to dry up more than normal around finger tips and palms. I'm still varying up the meals by combining some of the approved ingredients - so far, no killer recipes worth sharing and thanks to others who have shared! As title denotes, I'm in market for new blender having blown the motor on my relatively new one on Sunday nite. It still works, but its not going to much longer and its giving out a "you've burned up the motor dummy" smell now every time I use it to refresh my current smoothie. I've made large batches to last 1-2 and sometime 3 days and it work wonderfully during the first week. I probably got a bit over confident in its ability and overfed it on the last batch. Caution to others: if using standard blenders - feed in small doses and stick with smaller batches!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Recipe for Variety

My friend made a variation of this salad for lunch one day and I loved it! Made some edits with Dominique to make it "Detox-friendly", and wanted to post it as a suggestion to add some variety to the 2nd week's recipes: Southwestern Bean Salad: 2 cups cooked Quinoa; 2/3 cup dry kidney or black beans, cooked*; 2 cups cooked corn kernels (fresh or frozen); 1 sweet red pepper, chopped; 1 small onion, chopped; 1/2 cup vinegar; 1/4 cup cilantro leaves, chopped; 1 minced jalapeno pepper or cayenne to taste; 1 tsp chili powder. Combine all the ingredients. This tastes even better if you let it stand refrigerated or at room temperature, 1 hour before serving. Makes 6-8 servings.

*Dominique recommends soaking the beans overnight with 1/2tsp of baking soda per cup of beans. Then, in the morning, rinse, put in new water, and soak again for a few hours before cooking. They will cook fast and won't make you gassy. Of course, since I am a spicy wimp, I leave out the jalapeno/cayenne and it is still very tasty :) Enjoy!

Monday, March 8, 2010

End of Week 1

I love this detox...I have so much energy and I feel healthier. I don't know how many pounds I lost (prob 1 or 2) but my pants fit looser and I feel skinnier. It's great that i still have energy to work out at night, which usually isn't the case with diets. I travelled this weekend for an engagement party so I was off the detox on Saturday night and Sunday. I'm back on today! I hope to keep this going for awhile and incorporate these smoothies, lunches, and dinners into my diet going forward.


Well, let's see if this works! I'm doing well on this regime - lots of energy, tasty food - even ate out at Sunflower (Vegetarian restaurant) with my sweetie to give him inspiration. As of today, I've lost 6 lbs. Not sure if it was the real egg omelet with veggies (no cheese) or wheat from Tabbouli, but lots of soreness in the intestines today. I went out an bought a blender that also came with a food processor so life may get a little easier for prep of smoothies and food.

monday March 8

terrific start this morning and it's almost noon and feeling pretty good.. Had a bit of smoothie left over this am, so having that as a snack in a bit. I think that eating lighter last week, or should I say that eating more "clean" really help prepare me for this week.. So far, so good!

Weekend Recap / Quinoa, my new love...

Week #1 is complete, moving on to week #2! Lost 2 lbs last week, not planning to check again until the end :) I was forced to deviate from the plan a bit this weekend while helping my in-laws move, and I could tell it was the first time I'd had coffee in a while (I phased out coffee about 2 weeks before the detox started). Having a little trouble waking up this morning (and am EXTRA sore), but at least the smoothie is keeping from being hungry. I think I mentioned in my last post that my energy levels have been up, and I think so even more now. I don't know how I would have done with a weekend like that on my previous diet without passing out! Plus, basically all of the heartburn/reflux symptoms that I used to experience on a daily basis have disappeared. So that alone is worth the whole 2 weeks! As we move into week #2, I plan to use that Quinoa recipe more. I can't believe I lived my whole life thus far without Quinoa! It may be my new favorite love (don't tell my boyfriend!) and I plan to use it all the time, even after the week is over. I was also really encouraged to hear that another patient had been able to fins Amaranth at the local MOM's, so I'll have to venture out this week for a re-fill grocery trip and grab some things. Looking forward to trying the new recipes too. Since we can't do chips, what are good recommendations to dip in the Salsa? I may have to modify a bit because it looks a bit spicy for my tastebuds.... Hope everyone is hanging in there, we're halfway there!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Detox- Week 1

I haven't been posting because I am mad at myself for going off the detox. At around noon on Wednesday, the day of the juice fast, I was really hungry so got a plain salad and ate it with the sesame ginger dressing. I ate a few more things throughout the day so I felt guilty about that. I've also been eating cereal at night (Barbara's mixed with Kashi shredded wheat) which I know is not part of the detox. I have been keeping my meals pretty healthy and sticking with the guidelines and recipes and have been drinking the smoothie every day, but I know I could have done much better. I may have to give this another shot, starting from the beginning!!
duh, just figuring out this blogging thing. Will start tomorrow detox already excited .

Its Sunday ALREADY?

My how time flies when you are having fun! Forgive me all for passage of time since my my last entry. This is partly due to simply not having time, not devoting the time and feeling guilty about cheating. Yes, I cheated! I cheated yesterday. I only cheated once - kinda. I took my kids to a very bright place right next to one of those expensive smoothie places in Shirlington: Johnny Rockets. Amazingly found something that I actually enjoyed but realized it was still cheating - a soy burger; they also had turkey burger to my surprise. Wheat bread with iceberg lettuce and tomato with a side salad (with slight sprinkle of some kind of plastic cheese) and a vinaigrette dressing on the side which I would dip my fork into then dip into the salad and as you can imagine, there seemed to be as much dressing left when I finished as was served. I also had a fry from my kids plate here and there. And this morning, I could actually feel the affect of going off diet almost as if my body was reminding me of my bad choices. Otherwise, I have been true to the meal plan and found myself drinking tons of water over the weekend probably because of good workouts and lots of fluid loss in combination thereto. I did not weight myself yesterday or today at the gym and will do so next time I go. Most important, I also, as others have indicated, will likely keep quite a few lessons learned from this week's experience. Every time I go to a store, I get snobbish about all the crap that is constantly dangled in front of us to buy, eat, buy, eat, buy and eat... I have also spoken one on one with Madam D and suggest that if you have not, you do so. She is very knowledgeable and really helped me see my way through not only this week but to a healthier way forward. I've found that as with all aspects of life, choice matters. Madam D and the D week have truly helped me be better prepared to make smarter choices for this ole boy...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fashionably late to the party...

Sorry I haven't been able to contribute yet this week. I did start with the group on Monday, and I'm already feeling better than last week! Although I am definitely feeling the "fatigue" part of the side effects, but that could also be contributed to an especially heavy work week :) I have actually been loving the morning smoothies, and will probably continue with them even after this week! Although I have been subbing Almond milk in mine (which I did clear with Dominique!) because I had some in the fridge I didn't want to go bad. I'm definitely noticing more burping too, but I guess that's all part of the "clearing out" of things. Juice day was a little tough yesterday, started with a smoothie and was doing fine through lunch, but really started feeling really tired by mid-late afternoon (once again, could also be attributed to a longer-than-usual work day) and had more trouble multi-tasking than usual. I will say though, that I am enjoying the 15 minutes of "quiet-time"/meditation. It's a great chance to collect myself and really feel more focused. One more question for Dominique: what are the thoughts on tea during the detox? Should we limit that to one cup a day just like coffee? Or is it unlimited as long as I use agave or honey to sweeten?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Freindly Fast Fuels Fire Within...

With a view that juice fast was more like a juice feast; I think overall I held up fairly well today on smoothie and water all day. It was a busy day at the office with meetings that provided much distraction which helped; still making record trips to the restroom eliminating the water mostly. After gobbling down a large serving of smoothie I finally made it to the gym this evening although much later than I normally do. The circuit training and light weight routine went off without a hitch; however, the elyptical was killer and I had strange feelings in leg muscles that I've not felt before. At first it felt like I was about to get major charlie horse in both calves, the left more severe than the right calf; I slowed down the pace and contemplated stopping but then at the slower pace the sensations subsided almost feeling as if I was working something out of the muscles in a downward fashion, slowly but after about 10 minutes at the slower pace I was easily able to return to my normal pace and actually hit a good second hard sweat. Then I thoroughly enjoyed about 20 min in the dry sauna which provided a good constant sweat. Needless to say - I'm rehydrating now and am hoping to sleep well. And how can I forget - I weighed in, on the same and only scale I use and oddly can report no change to my weight... and yes, I realize its not a goal rather a result, but gee, with all the trips to the restroom I thought for sure I'd have a different result... maybe next trip... I am looking forward to the broccoli event - one of my all time favorite greens! Ah - also finally found Bulgar wheat and an amazing amount - and entire and large grocery isle - of all the stuff on the gro list for making the meals in the week... And also finally found two bags of frozen mangos, they must be popular as 3 x prior at different grocers the frozen mango shelf was empty... damn those Philippians and Panamanians (I've done extensive travel to both and there is no doubt that the best mangos in the world are at either of these spots...) and yes, its a hell of a long way to go for a mango! sounds kinda lyricy, eh? Thanks to those who respond to the call for contributions!

Late Start

I started the detox on Tuesday and it's going great so far. I have a lot of energy and am not hungry. I certainly feel healthier, as I am drinking more water and eating more veggies and fruits than I ever do! It also helps sticking to a strict diet, as it keeps me away from snacking on chocolates that are always hanging around the office and home. I have a question for the juice fast - do we just drink 100% juice all day long? Is there a maximum to the amount of juice I should be drinking? Am I still drinking 2L of water as well? Does it have to be fershly squeezed juice or juice from the store that says 100% juice? Thanks!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where ARE the clowns?

Say, I feel like some of you are not doing your part: whassup with not blogging? I know that there are more of you out there doing the Madam D Tox Shuffle and just simply ain't puttin your fingers to work: get on with it - contribute, share, tell all, give it up!

D Day 2

After staying fairly close to diet, with some substitutions from other days here and there, I am amazed how not hungry I am. I am eating a bit late in the evening, I did beets & tofu tonight - very yummy quasi stir fried in some sesame seed oil. I clearly do not follow directions well: sorry! It all goes to the same place so I threw everything into a light simmer and had my fill. I do wonder if there are time restrictions as with a normal diet, I presume these general rules, i.e. try not to eat after 7pm, also apply with our detox meal plan? Madam Dominique if you are willing & able, please comment on general timeframes for eating - or slap me for having missed directions on same in some of the literature! I missed exercise today and am really looking forward to some tomorrow; will likely go easier than normal simply because of detox diet... I suppose... Also, have very slight headaches in the morning mostly; glad to also report first and relatively normal bm which seemed to kick start the excess gas thing; wow! I was getting a bit bloated, no longer! I think I may have overdone the kale in my first batch of smoothie as I think I've pee'd near green at least once now, then in the morning it a bright yellow and then clear all day - damn near a rainbow with all the colors! OK - on that nasty note, best to call it a blog, drink some H2O, and dream sweetly about hump smoothie Wednesday!

Detox Days 2 and 3

So far all of the recipes have been amazing. I am totally shocked because I even liked the beet salad (but I think its because I let it marinate overnight and the rest of the flavors masked the beet taste!) I am worried that I may be eating a little too much though- I have been sticking to the recipes on the plan but have been snacking on fruits and veggies throughout the day. I am very worried about the juice fast tomorrow. I was hungry by noon today and don't know how I'm going to get through tomorrow at that time. Dominique, if we absolutely must eat something during the day, do you have any recommendations? I think it is going to be very hard for me to wait until the evening.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New to Blog & Detox

I tried to blog earlier today from work but was not able due to high level of i-security, I suppose. then had issues remembering my password and am still not even sure if I am log on with my Google account or my aol account, but no matters - I made it to the site. I'm opting to only read fellow detox'rs for March unless the Dominique suggests more study of older blogs is in order! I did indeed did start detox today and for a former meat and potato guy I am surprised how well I am holding up. I did not have time to make smoothie this am but enjoyed two 10 oz glasses for dinner and am equally surprised how not-so-bad tasting it comes out as compared with the look and smell! I should also note that I forced a tasting onto my 13 old son and 15 year daughter to show them the value of eating right - early in life! I think I probably violated a rule by having two low salt V8s as part of my make-do meal plan for today - which also included a banana and lots of water. In addition, I used some regular nondairy liquid creamer in my coffee consumption today which was probably done in excess. Will switch to soy creamer tomorrow. Will also hit the gym tomorrow for elliptical and lots of reps with light weights and spend a good 30 minutes in dry sauna afterwards. Any Madam Dominique advise is welcome on any fitness no no's or any other observations herein or otherwise! Its either good nite or good morning to all!


Started the detox this morning (well, actually last night Sunday) I had spent the day cleaning out the refrigerator so I could put in all the yummy things for this detox and then I was too tired to fix anything but the smoothie! I have a stick blender that works - it just takes more time and the finished product is a bit more "granier" than with the viatmix. But what's so amazing to me is the taste is exactly like what I'd sampled! Energy lasts through to lunch. I have to work on drinking more water - it's not my favorite beverage. The detox seems to be producing lots of gas so I'm taking more probiotics to help with the digestion of all this fiber! Noel

My first detox day

It has been a very busy day between my work, helping family with a problem in France, and dealing with an emergency here. I have to say food is the last thing on my mind. I had a very large smoothie with Ultimate Meal protein, collard greens, mangoes, banana, and apple. That is all I had so far. I am going to be on the road until about 8:00 tonight. Will blog later to tell you how my evenings goes. Make each day count!

Juice Fast Day

Hi Dominique! For Wednesday, does the green smoothie (or other fruit smoothie) count as juice (if almonds and protein powder are removed)?

Detox week Started

Ladies and gentlemen, I decided to do the detox with you this week. So I have to blog like everybody else. Mine will be a strict juice fast. No food for a week. So far I have been able to do only 3 days at a time, I will see if I can do 5 days this time. I have an event to cater so I will be cooking a lot today and probably tasting the food, a spoonfull here and there. But nothing beyond that. I already had my cup of coffee with soy milk like every morning. Cannot give that up. I am now preparing a green smoothie for breakfast, then I will proceed to make some some juices. I will give you all the recipes I will be using and their nutritional value and cleansing abilities.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last day!

Green smoothie started a full work day 10-5. I had leftover quinoa salad for lunch and brought a cut-up apple for snacks. I went to a friend's Open House after work and ended up "off" the plan with gingerale and ham. Dinner very late is steamed sweet potato and beets. Overall I have had alot more energy this week. Not hungry at all. My asthma also really became almost not noticeable. I usually am exhausted at the end of a full day of clients, and that was not true either yesterday or today. I am very pleased with the week, with how I stayed with the plan and the results. I lost 5.5 pounds! Thanks Dominique

Last Day

The last day of the Detox/fast! I am proud of myself for maintaining this raw diet at the same time as pursuing a really demanding work life. I admit I had doubts at the outset. The few times I was hungry, I had some fruits/veggies or nuts to tide me over till the next meal. Ocasionally I was just not hungry at all even though it was meal time. It was a good awareness exercise to notice when I want to eat - and why. For instance, I noticed that some free-floating stressful situations have the effect of making me want to nibble on snacks (thank heaven for veggie sticks and nuts). Sometimes just a cup of tea is what is needed. This morning I fixed myself the green smoothie and reflected in the unaccustomed leisure of my Saturday morning that I plan to do the green smoothie more often, as it's delicious and fun. (I was not much of a smoothie fan before). I also have a refrigerator full of healthy ingredients - and leftovers. Although I was following a plant-based diet before, I've learned some new things about ways to prepare raw foods and definitely sampled some new dishes. I also liked the blog to follow what/how others were doing. So thanks, Dominique, for an educational and healthy experience!

Friday, February 26, 2010


I had a Green Smoothie for breakfast. Drank the whole thing because I got hungry yesterday when I just drank 1/2. Brought pineapple and romaine lettuce for lunch and almonds for snacks. I have had several bowel movements today. I made the Quinoa salad for dinner. It definitely seems to be a side dish for me, not the only course. I will probably use it that way in the future. I wasn't excited about it's taste, but it was very colorful. Glad I put the tomatoes in it. I'm really wanting to get some fish in my diet. I have lost 4 pounds, so that is great. For the future, I hope to create a blend of this diet this week and some protein. I am pleased that I tried several dishes and kept on this vegan diet well. I wasn't so sure that I would make it in the beginning. Thanks for setting this up for us. Lynne

Vitamix - from Toni Dungan

The Home and Garden Show is out at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA. It started yesterday and goes through Sunday, February 28, 2010. I checked to make sure and the VitaMix people will be there. They do demonstrations and let you taste stuff, answer questions and their prices aren't too bad if anyone wants to check out what a VitaMix can do. Toni


I am so happy that I lost 4 lbs this week ;->. It was hard not to eat> anything on the fasting day, but I'm glad I stuck with it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I had the smoothie f0r breakfast and afternoon snack. Green drink for dinner. Almonds during the morning. I didn't have a bowel movement yesterday but did have several small ones today. Hunger in the am so I ate almonds. Really getting tired of almonds! Sleepy around 5pm. Short nap. I prepared the green drink for dinner and my stomach hurt just making it. I went ahead and drank it with a side of almonds per your suggestion. No acid. Tomorrow is another day with no time to prepare food. Lynne

Catching Up

Okay, I have missed a couple days of blogging thanks to my wonderful Internet connection. (Not!) Tuesday, followed the plan to the tee and notice the gasie thing I had going on was subsiding; Wednesday didn't have my juicer so I stuck with lots of water throughout the day and had a nice size salad for dinner with various types of greens with lots of interesting veggies, a few Brazilian nuts with lemon juice and olive oil dressing and a side bowl of water melon. Funny thing....I have never attended so many meetings/classes in one week where everyone was pushing pizza! I was awesome (you ladies should have seen me at work) with my high quality H2O networking and not munching :0) Thursday/today I noticed that I had no gas and not much hunger. Worked on taxes (still!) and my mind and thoughts were very clear. Drank water throughout the day and having orange and apple slices along with homemade guacamole and a few blue chips. I don't want totally deny my desire for sugar (refined, sugar) so I am using the blue chips this evening to keep me on track. When that juicer arrives I will have my juice day. Have been sleeping exceptionally well and have lots three pounds! My husband has been enjoying salad every night for dinner too! He feels guilty when we share daily food journals :0)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Juice Day

Interestingly enough, I wasn't hungry during the juice fast today. Had a couple glasses of juice and a lot of water. Toward evening got a little spacy and have a slight headache. Overall a successful day.


Since I had a schedule away all day, I was unable to do a full juice day today. I had a smoothie for Breakfast and a green drink for dinner. Fruit and almonds twice during the day. About 1 hour after Breakfast, I had heartburn in my liver. Lasted about 15 minutes. Same thing faintly happened after dinner. Otherwise, not hungry and not tired. Will see if I can do all drink tomorrow. Lynne

Day 3 End

I was doing so good on water and juice day...untill 8pm. I had a asian pear, 1/2 of avocado and a bite of a muffin. im so mad at myself. better luck tommorow.

Fourth Day

I made it through the juice and water day, but had to have a little oatmeal after dinner. I was worried about blood glucose levels which were normal but was feeling spacey. Today, I had oatmeal again for breakfast and had to deviate a bit for lunch since I ran out of time in the morning. I grabbed the ginger-seseme dressing out of the frig and hit the salad bar at work for lunch, getting veggies and lettuce only. I will try to use the meal plan for dinner tonight. Feeling pretty good today. I have not been hungry at all since I started.


Yesterday I had the raw beet salad. It was wonderful and kept me very full. I am fee ling alert and full of energy. Today I am doing the juice far so good.

Day 3

Day 3 - Hello liquid diet day. Today i am starting off with detox tea since i have not yet gone to the bathroom since (Sunday) Should i be nervous about that? But my nose is running like crazy. I had a 2 ounce vegan desert bar since i took some medicine. Just drinking water and more water.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I had two networking events so the meals weren't according to the menu. 7am Breakfast was fruit with a GF mini-muffin (that a friend brought in for me.) Lunch was a bland hotel salad with iced tea. I ate some cheesecake too. Oh well not perfect! Dinner was the beet salad/soup from yesterday. I started getting diaherea in the afternoon and I was finally emptied by 8pm. Also, sleepy in the afternoon. This evening has been fine. No hunger and still working on this blog at 11pm. I have an odd day tomorrow. I am out to client home visits from 10-4 then have clients in the office from 4-7. I plan to bring raw fruit and veggies with me as there is no time to creat drinks for lunch or dinner. I will try the full juicing on Thursday. Lynne

So far so good

My first and second days went well and I easily stuck to the plan. The recipes are fun to make and delicious. By dinner time I am ravenous, so maybe need more snacks. I ate too much beet salad last night and felt stuffed, but was surprised I felt empty again within 2-3 hours. Today I was really tired, but I think it was heavy workload and not enough sleep more than the diet. I'm a little dubious about the juice fasting tomorrow because I get so hungry. But I'm prepared to make LOTS of juice and give it a good try. Sarah

Day 2

Day 2- I had a soy vanilla protein shake for breakfast since i was running late to work. But i came home to make the green smoothie for lunch! Awesome. Then i had to work till 10:30 so i ate a few chips and spinach dip at work( cheating i know its all i had...i feel guilty just thinking about it). Today was lots of running nose, gas and cramping ( mostly because its that special time of the month i think) Tommorow i will do better i promise.


The second day of the detox experience. I feel kind of tired, even more so after a long day at work. The kale salad and mango at lunch was delicious, but I was hungry after that and had a half apple and handful of almonds. Have a slight headache again. Think I'll turn in early - tomorrow's the juice fast day and I want to be well rested.


Some of you wanted to know:
  1. tabouleh - what is a good substitute for Bulgar wheat (gluten free)?
    you may substitute quinoa or just make the salad without any grain for fewer calories.
  2. raw beet salad - okay not to roast walnuts?
    If you with not to roast the walnuts, it is even better, the roasting provides a nice flavor.
  3. Sesame ginger dressing - What kind of orange juice concentrate and what to do with the rest of it? Could I use real orange juice instead?
    Any type is or OJ concentrate is fine. We use concentrate to get the flavor without adding too much water to the vinaigrette. If you want your vinaigrette more watery, then you can add 2 T of freshly squeezed OJ and 1 teaspoon of orange zest. The remaining of the OJ concentrate will keep in the freezer for may days, you can make cranberry nut bread with it, dilute with water to make OJ, add to smoothies for extra vitamin C, or put in a blender add some cold soy or rice milk, 1 t vanilla, small piece of ginger. Grind completly to make a nice ice cream dessert. Serve with melted dark chocolate.
  4. Why can we have golden raisins and not brown raisins?
    Golden raisins have a sweet and tart flavour and will taste better in a salad then the dark raisins.
  5. Substitute for tofu? Can I use frozen edamame instead?
    Tofu comes from soy beans but you cannot substitute one for the other. Tofu is fermented soy bean paste. Edamame is a vegetable. If you do not like tofu and have a problem with it, you can make the Asian Slaw without it or just add some shiitake mushrooms.
  6. Zizania appetizer - what brand of chili sauce and what brand of Dijon mustard do you recommend? Any chili sauce is fine. It is best to buy it in an Asian store. If you do not like spicy food. You may chose to remove it. As for Dijon Mustard, Temeraire is the one I like best, Grey Poupon is also good. As long as it says Dijon Mustard, you will get that flavor. make sure that the ingredients have only mustard seeds, vinegar, some salt. No sugar, or High fructose corn syrup, or anything else.
  7. What is Ultimate meal?
    Ultimate meal is a type of protein that is non GMO, gluten free, soy free, sugar free, etc... It is made from sprouted grain. Very easy to digest and tastes great. the company that makes it is Ultimate Live, You can find it at some whole food stores but not all I am told. You can also buy barely or rice protein online at They are of the highest quality.
If you have any other questions, please post them here rather than sending me an email. Thank you and keep blogging.

Good-bye toxins

A lot of toxins are leaving my body. I felt groggy this morning, then after drinking a lot of water, I started feeling better. Then light-headed and groggy again. The water seems to really flush the stuff and only after drinking it, do I feel better. It makes working seem really strange.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Green Smoothie and Red Beets

Certainly a colorful day. I liked the smoothie and it was quite filling. No hunger pangs. It was pretty convenient to take the "day one" recipe food in to work, and I appreciated that. Toward the end of the day had a slight headache. Then went home and wrestled with making the beet salad... and cleaning up the beet juice after. The salad itself was tasty. Nothing dramatic to report for the day; just followed the menus.

Green Smoothie

I fixed enough green smoothie last evening to last for four days. I hope it keeps that long. For lunch I had a mushroom burger on a sprounted bun with Bushes vegetarian beans. Tonight I made the beet salad. I think it will be better for me if I cut the beets in thinner strips or little chunks before marinateing.


Needed to sleep more this am. Had Smoothie at 11am. No heartburn today at all. Also no hunger. I like the feel of empty stomach. I liked the lettuce and pineapple lunch with carrot/celery juice. For dinner, I wasn't able to buy beets yesterday so I substituted beet/apple soup (that I had frozen last month), for the beets in the salad. It tasted good. Though I do have onion breath right now. This would not be a meal to eat before I see clients. I have a Networking breakfast tomorrow, but i will bring the smoothie with me. I also have a networking lunch tomorrow. Hoping that it has some raw ingredients. Lynne

Day 1

I was excited about getting started and had/having a great day. Ordered a juicer too because it was OK but a little to crunch for my liking drinking/chewing my smoothie created in my food processor. I will use soy milk and the fruit for my morning smoothie and have the greens in/as my salad. Hope the juicer gets here by Wednesday :0( On a lighter note, I feel fine and had no problem concentrating on taxes. I had lots of veggies, nuts, and shredded wheat for snack throughout the day so I never actually got hungry; as a matter of fact I was worried I would get hungry and not be successful...didn't happen. However, (here comes the footnote) I am a little/lot that a good thing right, shaking things up a bit! I will increase my water intake tomorrow and add some tea to lighten up on veggie binging ;0)


Started the detox yesterday and had some hot flashes;quiet a bit of gas; and many trips to the restroom (TMI - LOL). I made a lot of the raw kale salad since I had the ingredients on hand. I find if you chop the kale up rather finely and add a whole apple instead of half an apple that it balances out the flavor better for my taste and it kept well in the refrigerator. I had it again today for lunch. I made the raw beet salad and left it in the refrigerator to marinate all day. Hope I like it. Will let you know tomorrow.

Day two - more energy

So far, despite my worries from yesterday, I have more energy than I did the first day. I had oatmeal and maple syrup instead of the smoothie for breakfast. I enjoyed that! Lunch did not work out so well - I made the kale salad ahead of time and took it to work. I think I understand the value of freshness -- it was soggy and way too salty. I should have brought the ingredients and made it here. I ate most of it though and have had fruits (mango, golden raisins and banana) and peanuts as snacks this afternoon. I will be leaving in a while to volunteer - wouldn't you know I would be serving food!!? But I don't think I'll be tempted -- I am not very hungry, just a little, like Dominique said.
Day 1- I started off the day with 2 cups of water with lemon juice in it. 30 mins later i made my Green Smoothie and it's already past lunch time and I have not even finished my smoothie. It doesnt taste the same as Dominique's Smoothie though. Its less green and my almonds are defianlty not blended all the way. I will be attempting to make the raw beet salad tonight, however i have never really cooked from scratch and i have never eaten a beet, but i am still exicted. Dominique should we been eating lighter things for dinner?? How late can we eat? Is Detox tea a good idea for the evening? Thanks.

Breath Awareness

Good morning everyone, One support tool for you to try during this detox is called "Breath Awareness". The breath and our mind are very tied together, so the more consciously we breathe, the quieter is the mind. Breath Awareness is easy to do, and can be done sitting in an easy crossed-leg position on the floor, or in a chair with both feet flat on the floor. Keep the spine straight, but relax your muscles. Close your eyes, and breath long, slowly, and deeply. Be aware of the four parts of your breath: the inhale; a short hold when your lungs are full; the exhale; and a short hold when your lungs are empty. Do this for three minutes at least once each day. This is a good tool to use before you eat, and when you feel hungry and want to eat. Let us know what your experience is with this.

Day 1 Detox

Started the detox on Sunday and I feel great!  A little hungry last night, but not nearly as hungry as I thought I would feel.  Loved the green smoothie and raw beet salad.  This morning I drank the second half of the green smoothie I made yesterday (You're right, Dominique - it holds well in the refrigerator overnight.)  Looking forward to the day.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I didn't eat anything until noon when I had the smoothie. About 2:30 I got heartburn which continued on and off until about 6pm. At 3:30, I ate a beet/apple soup and a few GF pretzels trying to calm the stomach. I had a banana at 5:30. I must have some bug too as I took several naps today. Felt cold too even though I don't have a fever. Dinner was cooked - a litte mashed potatoes and steamed broccolli. I did go shopping today and will do Day 1 with the full menu tomorrow. I hope I can do it fully. Lynne

Sunday Night

Day 0- Hoping to start the detox tommorow. I am super excited and ready to try this detox but also a little nervous. Also not sure where to find the menu, i think i remember how to make the smoothie for breakfast but after that im not to sure what to do! Any help team? Happy Detoxing :)


I spent the day gathering up food goodies from Whole Foods and TJs. Also bought some food preparation gadgets fom Bed, Bath and Beyond, so that I'm ready to start my detox program tomorrow.


I started the detox and had the green smoothie for breakfast and the salad and pineapple for lunch. I made the sesame ginger dressing and used it on the salad - I hope that's ok. It was delicious. I'm feeling a little tired and light-headed. I'm also a little worried about tomorrow because I volunteered to serve dinner at a medical facility for homeless people in DC and I will not get home until pretty late. I'm going to bring fruit and nuts to snack on until I get home.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Potato chips put on a glitzy evening dress and go to town

My friend Kathryn is a food stylist, photographer, and food writer. I don't know exactly what a food stylist is, but she's a spectacular one. She's started a new web site, including some of her best recipes. I think the most remarkable is Windowpane Potato Chips.

Friday, January 22, 2010


OK, you are almost there. Tomorrow night the Detox week ends. We need to pick a place to celebrate and reward the contestants. Anyone has a place in mind please come forward. d.

Last Day

After 5 days, this is what I notice: -I have a really hard time falling asleep, That's not new for me, it's just a little extreme now. Then, I have been sleeping really late, which is unusual. Normally, even if I'm up til 3 or 4, I'm awake by 8 or 9. This week I've slept past 10 every day I could. -Mydigestive system is quiet and happy. No rumbles, no gas. -I don't have cravings. I went through Whole Foods, my favorite "grazing grounds" and was not at all tempted by the free samples. -It's easier to just stop. Deciding for me that I'm having a smoothie, or having a salad, or these are the things I'm eating this week, makes it easier to just eat it and stop instead og looking for the next thing to add. -I love not having to wash pots and pans. -I am a bit constipated. Not bloaty or crampy or particularly uncomfortable. Just moving slower. The only discomfort I can feel is perssure on my blaader when I have matter is my descending colon. -I still can't crack my knuckles :)

A day behind and 3 lbs lighter!

I still have a day left on the fast and I'm not hungry. I really wasn't hungry at all throughout the week. I enjoyed the recipes and reading how the others are doing. I'm definitely clearing...I have a whopping cold. So, I've been drinking warm water instead of cold. My body is calling for warm fluids and I'm still eating the raw food and smoothies.

Where are all of the bloggers?

Where is everybody?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

giving up coffee

This is a tough one. I have been drinking coffee since the age of 4. you do the math. I usually drink one cup every morning, sugarless, with a lot of soy milk. But lately, I realized that was enslaved to the black beverage. Whenever I travel I get nervous. Whenever I am at an early meeting in the morning, I get grouchy because they don't have soy milk to put in my coffee and the coffee served is different that the once I am accustomed to. Kinda like giving hashish to a cocaine addict. Many mornings, I had to send my husband to the store because I ran out of soy milk or coffee. He would interrupt his news paper reading and go get me my dose so by the time I got out of the shower my beverage would be ready. So last week I decided to give it up but unfortunatly, I cannot quit cold turkey because of the headaches from caffeine withdrawal. So I decided not to buy soy milk. This way I won't put any in the coffee and I will drink less. It worked! I have been drinking about 1/3 c every morning and slowly, I am only taking a couple of sips every morning and leaving the rest in the cup. The best part, I get a little nauseous at the idea of the coffee-soy milk mixture. The coffee I have will run out in about 10 days and I won't buy any. I just hope I won't get headaches. But I no longer care for coffee in the morning. It just doesn't taste good anymore. Wish me luck.

interesting day

I knew that yesterday was not a good day for a fast. I had a lunch meeting and a dinner meeting. I ordered a salad at lunch. it was just not all that good, but edible. I ate about half and was full. But what I noticed most was the sandwich that my lunch partner had. It did not even look appetizing to me. Being dinner was with the boss I figured that I had to put in a good showing. It was pizza. which also wasn't all that appetizing to look at. I managed one piece. at least it was veggie. the good thing though was that my stomach didn't hurt after eating it. that is a huge improvement. I came home from the meeting and rewarded myself with a salad of parsley, shredded carrot, tomatoes and the sesame ginger dressing.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 4, Juice for me

I picked a great day to weigh in again, after a juice fast. I've lost almost 5 pounds since Saturday night. Better yet, now that I've found some smoothie recipes that work for me, I am inspired to include them daily when the week is over.

Detox Day 3 and 2 1/2 lbs Lighter!

Dominique...I have to hand it to you. You've created a detox with wonderful recipes that gently get rid of toxins. I'm really glad I'm doing this with everyone and I love doing the challenge and sharing it on the blog. Last night I ate every bit of that kale salad it was so good! Here are some of the detox symptoms that I'm having: slight headache mucous in throat slight sore throat, stuffiness energized thought clarity bliss Again, thanks for putting this together! I'm very happy with the off for my walk and meditation!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Detox day 2 is going well

I loved the raw beet salad! Yum...and thanks for reminding us about how it comes out in the elimination process... Today I'm feeling a little light headed and my joints are a bit stiff, but not bad. I need to remind myself to drink more water. I was a bit hungry for lunch today so I ate the collard green leaf sandwich for lunch and I'm looking forward to eating the kale salad for dinner. I'm used to eating more nuts for snacks, so I do feel slight hunger, but not too bad. Here's a funny story about the smoothie prep. The first day I made it I followed the recipe and added the ingredients in the order printed on the recipe. Normally, it probably wouldn't make a difference, but using a food processor it makes a weeee bit of difference...adding the almonds last makes for a textury smoothy! So, in my second attempt, I added the nuts in the beginning and by the time I got to the end, they were nicely smoothed out. Also, I forgot to get the mangos and used frozen berries instead. When you mix blackberries, raspberries and green kale, it makes mudd...but I have to tell you, this is the best tasting mudd I've had. I'm off to get some frozen mangos so I can enjoy a pretty green smoothie!

You wanted to know

I have done detox diets before and was not expecting this. I had the shake for breakfast but with only one scoop of protein. For lunch I made a salad of curly cabbage, kale, carrot, celery, parsley and cilantro with the sesame ginger dressing. It was really good. but about an hour later my abdomen was bloated and painful. this lasted about 3 hours. Sadly I finally had to take a pepto. thinking it unwise to eat more raw food, I had mashed sweet potato with onions sauteed in olive oil and tamari for dinner. One of my favorite vegan dishes. This settled in OK. I am still excited to complete the program. Not sure how i am going to fit the fast in to tomorrows schedule. I might have to wait until Thursday. Any thought as to what caused the bloating?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Detox fast results

Hi Everyone, I started the detox diet before the kick off b/c I knew I wouldn't be able to do it completely since I flew to Canada yesterday and skied today and thank goodness, my knees held up. But . . . just from the beet salad and the following day following Dominique's guidelines (Friday) I lost 3-4 lbs. Don't ask me how, but on Friday I had some cleansing, to put it nicely before the kick off. My appetite went way down ---and the coaching and sharing and testimonial from Claire really kept me on the straight and narrow Saturday. My spare tire is flattening out!! This support from each other as well as Dominique, our detox coach, is so essential. I did a weight loss program with Sport & Health that I shared with some of you and there were no guidelines or coaching, you were on your own. I lost some weight and then went back to my old snacking habits and gained it back. It's so important to have the support from a nutritionist who can see your food journal, health concerns and steer you in the right direction. Keep sharing ladies, I love to hear what eveyone says. The juice day is rough but drinking a lot of water helps and staying busy. I'll do the whole week once I'm back in town.

1 week detox challenge

Hi Everyone, I wrote to Dominique that I was feeling some resistance in starting the detox. Some of it is emotional, and some of it is concern. The emotional issues surfacing are: How am I going to fit this into my schedule? How much will this cost? I usually keep a very low glycemic index when eating fruit, so what do I do for the actual fast day? I don't have a juicer so I bought some organic carrot juice and I'll drink a lot of water. I've already been on an anti- inflammatory diet for blood pressure and I'm wondering what effect this will have on my blood pressure. And what do I do if I'm going to a meeting? I was planning on long as it was raw... I made the beet looks beautiful! Wow, is it messy to work with! If I need to dye a dress, I know what natural juice to use!
Yeahhhh...someone else is starting a day late! Me too! I wasn't aware of what would be involved and had a very busy schedule this weekend (which is actually unusual for me..). The emotional stuff that started coming up was, am I going to starve? Survival issues...then I went into being perfect...very aware of what food brings up for me. I've settled in and now I'm in day one. I think this is going to be fun and yummy. I love the recipes...

starting today

Well I am starting a day later than everyone. Life stuff to do yesterday did not make eating a detox diet plausible. and I am excited. oddly enough my body must want to do this as I have not been very hungry since Friday's orientation.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I started the Detox this morning with two glasses of filtered water mixed with fresh lemon juice. At breakfast, I opted for steel-cut oatmeal with fresh strawberries and a bit of soy milk. For lunch I had a green salad with dressing made from Dominique's menu, which I loved. Unfortunately, I can't say I''m a fan of the beet salad. Too beety. Next time I make it, I 'm going to cut the beets into much smaller pieces.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Detox Week Started

Ok everyone, here it goes. The guidelines and the recipes are posted on the website, you can download them by clicking the following links: Guidelines , menu, recipes. Please start blogging today about your feelings starting this contest, what you think of the recipes, what are your emotions going into this, and how hard or easy to find and buy the ingredients. Any questions to me should be submitted via this blog. I will be checking it daily to respond to your concerns. By the way, I will be doing this with you, but as a complete juice fast. I will be blogging as well. We will see how long I will last as I really hate fasting. Allons-Y

Friday, January 8, 2010

Detox Week with Dominique

Welcome to this exciting contest. The first of many organized by the Zizania team. Karen and Dominique want you to "take it all off" this year: the weight, the stress, the digestion problems, you name it, we can help you get rid of it. We even hired a life coach to help you if you need a push to get motivated or learn simple ways to reduce every day stress. Darshan Kaur Khalsa of Invincible Coaching , will answer your questions and give you pointers to stay on track. We hope that you will find this contest fun and use it as away to jump start your new year's resolution and connect with others that have the same goals. Ready? here are the requirements to participate: Attend our kickoff session on Friday January 15. The event flyer is on our web site. If you cannot attend, please contact Dominique or Karen to register or send an email via the Zizania website. You will receive a starter kit and details on how to participate. Happy New year and hope to see you next Friday!