Friday, January 22, 2010

Last Day

After 5 days, this is what I notice: -I have a really hard time falling asleep, That's not new for me, it's just a little extreme now. Then, I have been sleeping really late, which is unusual. Normally, even if I'm up til 3 or 4, I'm awake by 8 or 9. This week I've slept past 10 every day I could. -Mydigestive system is quiet and happy. No rumbles, no gas. -I don't have cravings. I went through Whole Foods, my favorite "grazing grounds" and was not at all tempted by the free samples. -It's easier to just stop. Deciding for me that I'm having a smoothie, or having a salad, or these are the things I'm eating this week, makes it easier to just eat it and stop instead og looking for the next thing to add. -I love not having to wash pots and pans. -I am a bit constipated. Not bloaty or crampy or particularly uncomfortable. Just moving slower. The only discomfort I can feel is perssure on my blaader when I have matter is my descending colon. -I still can't crack my knuckles :)

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  1. Sue Ann,
    It seems that your body needs more rest. So you sleep late, but after you had the rest, you don't need as much asleep so fall asleep later because you woke up later. You will need to train your body to use more hours of rest. There are different methods to achieve that but they are beyond the scope of this project.
    Constipation: that's a little strange, it should be the other way around. It would be nice to try some enema or colonics to completly detoxify and cleanse your colon. It will also help with the sleep pattern.