Sunday, March 14, 2010

The party's over :-(

Sad to say and hard to believe its two weeks on Madam D's nutritional detox! Time flies when you are having fun! While my purpose for the detox was to learn more about my body and what should and should not go in it I ended up losing 3 pounds to boot! I reported no weight loss the after the first week and with a commitment to the finish I was very surprised to see this result and can hope that by incorporating much of the ingredients of the meal plan and eliminating the junk, I can continue towards healthier living. Conincidently and as many of you may already know or are coming to realize, Madam D is really onto something here and her advise and services are really starting to hit mainstream. Check out this link to recent nutritional coverage on the very mainstream aol healthly living site!\2010\02\25\surprising-superfoods Hats off to Madam D - Thank You! Good luck to all!

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