Tuesday, March 2, 2010

D Day 2

After staying fairly close to diet, with some substitutions from other days here and there, I am amazed how not hungry I am. I am eating a bit late in the evening, I did beets & tofu tonight - very yummy quasi stir fried in some sesame seed oil. I clearly do not follow directions well: sorry! It all goes to the same place so I threw everything into a light simmer and had my fill. I do wonder if there are time restrictions as with a normal diet, I presume these general rules, i.e. try not to eat after 7pm, also apply with our detox meal plan? Madam Dominique if you are willing & able, please comment on general timeframes for eating - or slap me for having missed directions on same in some of the literature! I missed exercise today and am really looking forward to some tomorrow; will likely go easier than normal simply because of detox diet... I suppose... Also, have very slight headaches in the morning mostly; glad to also report first and relatively normal bm which seemed to kick start the excess gas thing; wow! I was getting a bit bloated, no longer! I think I may have overdone the kale in my first batch of smoothie as I think I've pee'd near green at least once now, then in the morning it a bright yellow and then clear all day - damn near a rainbow with all the colors! OK - on that nasty note, best to call it a blog, drink some H2O, and dream sweetly about hump smoothie Wednesday!

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