Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Detox Day 3 and 2 1/2 lbs Lighter!

Dominique...I have to hand it to you. You've created a detox with wonderful recipes that gently get rid of toxins. I'm really glad I'm doing this with everyone and I love doing the challenge and sharing it on the blog. Last night I ate every bit of that kale salad it was so good! Here are some of the detox symptoms that I'm having: slight headache mucous in throat slight sore throat, stuffiness energized thought clarity bliss Again, thanks for putting this together! I'm very happy with the off for my walk and meditation!


  1. Mimi. FANTASTIC. the symptoms are a result of the toxins coming out. Please stick with it and they will get better. To alleviate the sumptoms, drink a lot of water, take a hot batch and scrub gently with epsom salt.

    You are already in part of the winners. We will see how many people you will share the weight with. Karen lost 4 lbs in 5 days but she is not a contestant.

  2. This is from SueAnn -she is having a hard time blogging.

    I knew this would be hard. I haven't followed a recipe since I made toll house cookies in high school...and they had some "extra" ingredients.
    I still can't do the veggies in the morning thing. My body just goes what???? I'm sticking with fruit in the morning and a smoothie for lunch. (No fruit I know I'm stubborn, but it just doesn't feel right!) I took advantage of the warm weather to visit the garden. I brought in some parsley, oregano and sage for the smoothie. YUM

    Today I felt a little fatigued when working out. Maybe like the muscle stiffness Mimi mentioned.

    I think today would be my fasting day (as I would have noticed if I hadn't left my guidelines in the car. Doh!) Wednesdays are easier for me to juice, so I'll do it then.

  3. Sue Ann,
    What you are experiencing is the toxins coming out. Read my comments to Mimi above. This is a very good sign. You don't have to use my recipes, as long as you are using the same guidelines and eating foods within the guidelines: raw, a lot of fruits and veggies, no processed foods, no white starches (rice, pasta, potato, bagels)
    Great job.

  4. I think I finally figured out the blogging thing! YAY

    Thank you, Dominique! This is great. I usually gain about 10 pounds every winter because I eat more cooked foods. More being the operative word. I never thought I could go raw in the winter. This has given me the support I needed. I know that I'm still detoxing and feel a little grouchy. But I can feel the peace in my body. And, weirdly, I can't crack my knuckles. Not that I do it a lot, about once or twice a day. I definitely noticed that I don't need to.
    Today is my juicing day. I made one with carrots, celery, romaine, kale, parsley, and some purslane I had put in the freezer.
    I need to WF for more greens. (I never expected my honey Tom to eat the somoothies. He teases me but he drinks 'em dowm!)

  5. yeah, the people who show the most resistance are the easiest to convert.

    That is interesting about the nuckles. There are so many things you could raw even in the winter. You should join my next class in february. We will do an entire raw food class for three weeks.
    Good job on the juice. You will feel awesome at teh end of the week.