Saturday, January 16, 2010

Detox Week Started

Ok everyone, here it goes. The guidelines and the recipes are posted on the website, you can download them by clicking the following links: Guidelines , menu, recipes. Please start blogging today about your feelings starting this contest, what you think of the recipes, what are your emotions going into this, and how hard or easy to find and buy the ingredients. Any questions to me should be submitted via this blog. I will be checking it daily to respond to your concerns. By the way, I will be doing this with you, but as a complete juice fast. I will be blogging as well. We will see how long I will last as I really hate fasting. Allons-Y


  1. OK! I did my shopping ... had to get some frozen pizzas for Tom to eat. I did exactly what you said not to do, had a feast of forbiddens today. It makes me crave feeling clean inside again.
    I know there's no way I'm going downstairs into the cold kitchen tomorrow morning to squeeze a lemon; so I'll do that tonight and bring it upstairs. I will weigh in at the last possible moment tonight. Cheers

  2. Was up at the crack of 9 and had my lemon juice. Then I dove back under the covers for a nap! What a great day to sleep in.

  3. I so agree SueAnne. I took a 2 hour nap and it felt wonderful. I am doing the detox to but way more restricted then you'll. I am trying to stick to do a juice fast with steamed veggies here and there and the green smoothie for breakfast. I just found out that I ran out of almonds.