Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I had two networking events so the meals weren't according to the menu. 7am Breakfast was fruit with a GF mini-muffin (that a friend brought in for me.) Lunch was a bland hotel salad with iced tea. I ate some cheesecake too. Oh well not perfect! Dinner was the beet salad/soup from yesterday. I started getting diaherea in the afternoon and I was finally emptied by 8pm. Also, sleepy in the afternoon. This evening has been fine. No hunger and still working on this blog at 11pm. I have an odd day tomorrow. I am out to client home visits from 10-4 then have clients in the office from 4-7. I plan to bring raw fruit and veggies with me as there is no time to creat drinks for lunch or dinner. I will try the full juicing on Thursday. Lynne

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  1. Lynne, the diarrhea is due to the beets. A lot of people have that reaction. It will calm down. Have you tested your blood sugar?