Friday, January 8, 2010

Detox Week with Dominique

Welcome to this exciting contest. The first of many organized by the Zizania team. Karen and Dominique want you to "take it all off" this year: the weight, the stress, the digestion problems, you name it, we can help you get rid of it. We even hired a life coach to help you if you need a push to get motivated or learn simple ways to reduce every day stress. Darshan Kaur Khalsa of Invincible Coaching , will answer your questions and give you pointers to stay on track. We hope that you will find this contest fun and use it as away to jump start your new year's resolution and connect with others that have the same goals. Ready? here are the requirements to participate: Attend our kickoff session on Friday January 15. The event flyer is on our web site. If you cannot attend, please contact Dominique or Karen to register or send an email via the Zizania website. You will receive a starter kit and details on how to participate. Happy New year and hope to see you next Friday!

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