Friday, January 22, 2010


OK, you are almost there. Tomorrow night the Detox week ends. We need to pick a place to celebrate and reward the contestants. Anyone has a place in mind please come forward. d.

Last Day

After 5 days, this is what I notice: -I have a really hard time falling asleep, That's not new for me, it's just a little extreme now. Then, I have been sleeping really late, which is unusual. Normally, even if I'm up til 3 or 4, I'm awake by 8 or 9. This week I've slept past 10 every day I could. -Mydigestive system is quiet and happy. No rumbles, no gas. -I don't have cravings. I went through Whole Foods, my favorite "grazing grounds" and was not at all tempted by the free samples. -It's easier to just stop. Deciding for me that I'm having a smoothie, or having a salad, or these are the things I'm eating this week, makes it easier to just eat it and stop instead og looking for the next thing to add. -I love not having to wash pots and pans. -I am a bit constipated. Not bloaty or crampy or particularly uncomfortable. Just moving slower. The only discomfort I can feel is perssure on my blaader when I have matter is my descending colon. -I still can't crack my knuckles :)

A day behind and 3 lbs lighter!

I still have a day left on the fast and I'm not hungry. I really wasn't hungry at all throughout the week. I enjoyed the recipes and reading how the others are doing. I'm definitely clearing...I have a whopping cold. So, I've been drinking warm water instead of cold. My body is calling for warm fluids and I'm still eating the raw food and smoothies.

Where are all of the bloggers?

Where is everybody?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

giving up coffee

This is a tough one. I have been drinking coffee since the age of 4. you do the math. I usually drink one cup every morning, sugarless, with a lot of soy milk. But lately, I realized that was enslaved to the black beverage. Whenever I travel I get nervous. Whenever I am at an early meeting in the morning, I get grouchy because they don't have soy milk to put in my coffee and the coffee served is different that the once I am accustomed to. Kinda like giving hashish to a cocaine addict. Many mornings, I had to send my husband to the store because I ran out of soy milk or coffee. He would interrupt his news paper reading and go get me my dose so by the time I got out of the shower my beverage would be ready. So last week I decided to give it up but unfortunatly, I cannot quit cold turkey because of the headaches from caffeine withdrawal. So I decided not to buy soy milk. This way I won't put any in the coffee and I will drink less. It worked! I have been drinking about 1/3 c every morning and slowly, I am only taking a couple of sips every morning and leaving the rest in the cup. The best part, I get a little nauseous at the idea of the coffee-soy milk mixture. The coffee I have will run out in about 10 days and I won't buy any. I just hope I won't get headaches. But I no longer care for coffee in the morning. It just doesn't taste good anymore. Wish me luck.

interesting day

I knew that yesterday was not a good day for a fast. I had a lunch meeting and a dinner meeting. I ordered a salad at lunch. it was just not all that good, but edible. I ate about half and was full. But what I noticed most was the sandwich that my lunch partner had. It did not even look appetizing to me. Being dinner was with the boss I figured that I had to put in a good showing. It was pizza. which also wasn't all that appetizing to look at. I managed one piece. at least it was veggie. the good thing though was that my stomach didn't hurt after eating it. that is a huge improvement. I came home from the meeting and rewarded myself with a salad of parsley, shredded carrot, tomatoes and the sesame ginger dressing.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 4, Juice for me

I picked a great day to weigh in again, after a juice fast. I've lost almost 5 pounds since Saturday night. Better yet, now that I've found some smoothie recipes that work for me, I am inspired to include them daily when the week is over.

Detox Day 3 and 2 1/2 lbs Lighter!

Dominique...I have to hand it to you. You've created a detox with wonderful recipes that gently get rid of toxins. I'm really glad I'm doing this with everyone and I love doing the challenge and sharing it on the blog. Last night I ate every bit of that kale salad it was so good! Here are some of the detox symptoms that I'm having: slight headache mucous in throat slight sore throat, stuffiness energized thought clarity bliss Again, thanks for putting this together! I'm very happy with the off for my walk and meditation!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Detox day 2 is going well

I loved the raw beet salad! Yum...and thanks for reminding us about how it comes out in the elimination process... Today I'm feeling a little light headed and my joints are a bit stiff, but not bad. I need to remind myself to drink more water. I was a bit hungry for lunch today so I ate the collard green leaf sandwich for lunch and I'm looking forward to eating the kale salad for dinner. I'm used to eating more nuts for snacks, so I do feel slight hunger, but not too bad. Here's a funny story about the smoothie prep. The first day I made it I followed the recipe and added the ingredients in the order printed on the recipe. Normally, it probably wouldn't make a difference, but using a food processor it makes a weeee bit of difference...adding the almonds last makes for a textury smoothy! So, in my second attempt, I added the nuts in the beginning and by the time I got to the end, they were nicely smoothed out. Also, I forgot to get the mangos and used frozen berries instead. When you mix blackberries, raspberries and green kale, it makes mudd...but I have to tell you, this is the best tasting mudd I've had. I'm off to get some frozen mangos so I can enjoy a pretty green smoothie!

You wanted to know

I have done detox diets before and was not expecting this. I had the shake for breakfast but with only one scoop of protein. For lunch I made a salad of curly cabbage, kale, carrot, celery, parsley and cilantro with the sesame ginger dressing. It was really good. but about an hour later my abdomen was bloated and painful. this lasted about 3 hours. Sadly I finally had to take a pepto. thinking it unwise to eat more raw food, I had mashed sweet potato with onions sauteed in olive oil and tamari for dinner. One of my favorite vegan dishes. This settled in OK. I am still excited to complete the program. Not sure how i am going to fit the fast in to tomorrows schedule. I might have to wait until Thursday. Any thought as to what caused the bloating?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Detox fast results

Hi Everyone, I started the detox diet before the kick off b/c I knew I wouldn't be able to do it completely since I flew to Canada yesterday and skied today and thank goodness, my knees held up. But . . . just from the beet salad and the following day following Dominique's guidelines (Friday) I lost 3-4 lbs. Don't ask me how, but on Friday I had some cleansing, to put it nicely before the kick off. My appetite went way down ---and the coaching and sharing and testimonial from Claire really kept me on the straight and narrow Saturday. My spare tire is flattening out!! This support from each other as well as Dominique, our detox coach, is so essential. I did a weight loss program with Sport & Health that I shared with some of you and there were no guidelines or coaching, you were on your own. I lost some weight and then went back to my old snacking habits and gained it back. It's so important to have the support from a nutritionist who can see your food journal, health concerns and steer you in the right direction. Keep sharing ladies, I love to hear what eveyone says. The juice day is rough but drinking a lot of water helps and staying busy. I'll do the whole week once I'm back in town.

1 week detox challenge

Hi Everyone, I wrote to Dominique that I was feeling some resistance in starting the detox. Some of it is emotional, and some of it is concern. The emotional issues surfacing are: How am I going to fit this into my schedule? How much will this cost? I usually keep a very low glycemic index when eating fruit, so what do I do for the actual fast day? I don't have a juicer so I bought some organic carrot juice and I'll drink a lot of water. I've already been on an anti- inflammatory diet for blood pressure and I'm wondering what effect this will have on my blood pressure. And what do I do if I'm going to a meeting? I was planning on long as it was raw... I made the beet looks beautiful! Wow, is it messy to work with! If I need to dye a dress, I know what natural juice to use!
Yeahhhh...someone else is starting a day late! Me too! I wasn't aware of what would be involved and had a very busy schedule this weekend (which is actually unusual for me..). The emotional stuff that started coming up was, am I going to starve? Survival issues...then I went into being perfect...very aware of what food brings up for me. I've settled in and now I'm in day one. I think this is going to be fun and yummy. I love the recipes...

starting today

Well I am starting a day later than everyone. Life stuff to do yesterday did not make eating a detox diet plausible. and I am excited. oddly enough my body must want to do this as I have not been very hungry since Friday's orientation.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I started the Detox this morning with two glasses of filtered water mixed with fresh lemon juice. At breakfast, I opted for steel-cut oatmeal with fresh strawberries and a bit of soy milk. For lunch I had a green salad with dressing made from Dominique's menu, which I loved. Unfortunately, I can't say I''m a fan of the beet salad. Too beety. Next time I make it, I 'm going to cut the beets into much smaller pieces.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Detox Week Started

Ok everyone, here it goes. The guidelines and the recipes are posted on the website, you can download them by clicking the following links: Guidelines , menu, recipes. Please start blogging today about your feelings starting this contest, what you think of the recipes, what are your emotions going into this, and how hard or easy to find and buy the ingredients. Any questions to me should be submitted via this blog. I will be checking it daily to respond to your concerns. By the way, I will be doing this with you, but as a complete juice fast. I will be blogging as well. We will see how long I will last as I really hate fasting. Allons-Y

Friday, January 8, 2010

Detox Week with Dominique

Welcome to this exciting contest. The first of many organized by the Zizania team. Karen and Dominique want you to "take it all off" this year: the weight, the stress, the digestion problems, you name it, we can help you get rid of it. We even hired a life coach to help you if you need a push to get motivated or learn simple ways to reduce every day stress. Darshan Kaur Khalsa of Invincible Coaching , will answer your questions and give you pointers to stay on track. We hope that you will find this contest fun and use it as away to jump start your new year's resolution and connect with others that have the same goals. Ready? here are the requirements to participate: Attend our kickoff session on Friday January 15. The event flyer is on our web site. If you cannot attend, please contact Dominique or Karen to register or send an email via the Zizania website. You will receive a starter kit and details on how to participate. Happy New year and hope to see you next Friday!