Sunday, January 17, 2010

I started the Detox this morning with two glasses of filtered water mixed with fresh lemon juice. At breakfast, I opted for steel-cut oatmeal with fresh strawberries and a bit of soy milk. For lunch I had a green salad with dressing made from Dominique's menu, which I loved. Unfortunately, I can't say I''m a fan of the beet salad. Too beety. Next time I make it, I 'm going to cut the beets into much smaller pieces.


  1. I weighed in last night with plenty of room to reduce. Today was such a lazy day, breakfast was at 1 PM. A banana, and fruit salad with fresh pineapple and dates, and dried mango and figs.
    I don't see where the recipes for green smoothies are listed. :(

  2. green smoothies are the last item on the recipe list.

  3. SueAnn, no dried fruit. It is high in processed sugar.