Monday, March 1, 2010

New to Blog & Detox

I tried to blog earlier today from work but was not able due to high level of i-security, I suppose. then had issues remembering my password and am still not even sure if I am log on with my Google account or my aol account, but no matters - I made it to the site. I'm opting to only read fellow detox'rs for March unless the Dominique suggests more study of older blogs is in order! I did indeed did start detox today and for a former meat and potato guy I am surprised how well I am holding up. I did not have time to make smoothie this am but enjoyed two 10 oz glasses for dinner and am equally surprised how not-so-bad tasting it comes out as compared with the look and smell! I should also note that I forced a tasting onto my 13 old son and 15 year daughter to show them the value of eating right - early in life! I think I probably violated a rule by having two low salt V8s as part of my make-do meal plan for today - which also included a banana and lots of water. In addition, I used some regular nondairy liquid creamer in my coffee consumption today which was probably done in excess. Will switch to soy creamer tomorrow. Will also hit the gym tomorrow for elliptical and lots of reps with light weights and spend a good 30 minutes in dry sauna afterwards. Any Madam Dominique advise is welcome on any fitness no no's or any other observations herein or otherwise! Its either good nite or good morning to all!

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