Thursday, January 21, 2010

giving up coffee

This is a tough one. I have been drinking coffee since the age of 4. you do the math. I usually drink one cup every morning, sugarless, with a lot of soy milk. But lately, I realized that was enslaved to the black beverage. Whenever I travel I get nervous. Whenever I am at an early meeting in the morning, I get grouchy because they don't have soy milk to put in my coffee and the coffee served is different that the once I am accustomed to. Kinda like giving hashish to a cocaine addict. Many mornings, I had to send my husband to the store because I ran out of soy milk or coffee. He would interrupt his news paper reading and go get me my dose so by the time I got out of the shower my beverage would be ready. So last week I decided to give it up but unfortunatly, I cannot quit cold turkey because of the headaches from caffeine withdrawal. So I decided not to buy soy milk. This way I won't put any in the coffee and I will drink less. It worked! I have been drinking about 1/3 c every morning and slowly, I am only taking a couple of sips every morning and leaving the rest in the cup. The best part, I get a little nauseous at the idea of the coffee-soy milk mixture. The coffee I have will run out in about 10 days and I won't buy any. I just hope I won't get headaches. But I no longer care for coffee in the morning. It just doesn't taste good anymore. Wish me luck.


  1. I have been drinking black coffee for about 10 years now. i have given it up completely a few times. And yes it is better to wean off slowly to avoid the headaches. Typically i drink about 2 six ounce cups a day. unless I am at a morning meeting and the coffee is lousy. at home I only drink Route 66 from Mishas Coffee Roaster in Old Town. I am a coffee snob. The cheap stuff just gives me a headache. So why haven't i given it up? i really enjoy my morning coffee. the aroma, the taste, its not even the caffeine. And lets face it, decaf just isn't the same. i wish you well. michon

  2. Michon,
    You are not helping. Now I remember all the good things about coffee. Hummm, should I go get some soy milk? :)

  3. sorry. stick with black. By the way, I am attempting the juice fast today. so far so good.