Monday, January 18, 2010

1 week detox challenge

Hi Everyone, I wrote to Dominique that I was feeling some resistance in starting the detox. Some of it is emotional, and some of it is concern. The emotional issues surfacing are: How am I going to fit this into my schedule? How much will this cost? I usually keep a very low glycemic index when eating fruit, so what do I do for the actual fast day? I don't have a juicer so I bought some organic carrot juice and I'll drink a lot of water. I've already been on an anti- inflammatory diet for blood pressure and I'm wondering what effect this will have on my blood pressure. And what do I do if I'm going to a meeting? I was planning on long as it was raw... I made the beet looks beautiful! Wow, is it messy to work with! If I need to dye a dress, I know what natural juice to use!


  1. Mimi, I'm sure Dominique has emailed you individually about your concerns. I agree about the beet salad, I'm making a smaller one next time. I got my husband to eat it and he had some cleansing the next day!! Ha Ha, what we do to our men. My dentist also told me to brush my teeth right afterwards. That's pretty potent salad and a good way to start the detox.
    I'm interested in the ant-inflammatory stuff. I have a lot of trouble with my knees and know mango is good for that.
    Keep up the good work and blogging!!

  2. Mimi, I don't know enough about your health situation to comment on it. If you need more info on that, give me a call so I can ask you some questions to get a background, then I can provide guidance.

    As far as fitting this in your schedule, it should not be that hard. If you have a filling breakfast in the morning, you should not be that hungry for lunch. When you get there, try to eat either a salad or steamed or roasted vegetables.
    You should also carry bananas, apples, and oranges with you. You can also eat some sprouted bread wich you can find at Whole Foods. Oatmeal is a low glycemic food as well.
    If the fast is too uncomfortable that don't do it. If you have hypoglycemia it will be a challenge.
    Hope this helps.