Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Freindly Fast Fuels Fire Within...

With a view that juice fast was more like a juice feast; I think overall I held up fairly well today on smoothie and water all day. It was a busy day at the office with meetings that provided much distraction which helped; still making record trips to the restroom eliminating the water mostly. After gobbling down a large serving of smoothie I finally made it to the gym this evening although much later than I normally do. The circuit training and light weight routine went off without a hitch; however, the elyptical was killer and I had strange feelings in leg muscles that I've not felt before. At first it felt like I was about to get major charlie horse in both calves, the left more severe than the right calf; I slowed down the pace and contemplated stopping but then at the slower pace the sensations subsided almost feeling as if I was working something out of the muscles in a downward fashion, slowly but after about 10 minutes at the slower pace I was easily able to return to my normal pace and actually hit a good second hard sweat. Then I thoroughly enjoyed about 20 min in the dry sauna which provided a good constant sweat. Needless to say - I'm rehydrating now and am hoping to sleep well. And how can I forget - I weighed in, on the same and only scale I use and oddly can report no change to my weight... and yes, I realize its not a goal rather a result, but gee, with all the trips to the restroom I thought for sure I'd have a different result... maybe next trip... I am looking forward to the broccoli event - one of my all time favorite greens! Ah - also finally found Bulgar wheat and an amazing amount - and entire and large grocery isle - of all the stuff on the gro list for making the meals in the week... And also finally found two bags of frozen mangos, they must be popular as 3 x prior at different grocers the frozen mango shelf was empty... damn those Philippians and Panamanians (I've done extensive travel to both and there is no doubt that the best mangos in the world are at either of these spots...) and yes, its a hell of a long way to go for a mango! sounds kinda lyricy, eh? Thanks to those who respond to the call for contributions!


  1. Keep up the good work, we're more than halfway done now!

  2. Jim,

    Thanks for a great post and the sense of humour, much needed. The cramps you felt are the toxins in your muscles getting out, I hope you worked a good sweat for elimination, and the sauna is excellent.

    The reason you have not lost any weight is due to bloating. You have lost weight but it is not showing on the scale, keep doing what you are doing and next time you go on the scale, you will find that you have 5 lbs or so.
    Now think about taking a long bath with epsom salt, it will leave you with baby soft skin.