Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fashionably late to the party...

Sorry I haven't been able to contribute yet this week. I did start with the group on Monday, and I'm already feeling better than last week! Although I am definitely feeling the "fatigue" part of the side effects, but that could also be contributed to an especially heavy work week :) I have actually been loving the morning smoothies, and will probably continue with them even after this week! Although I have been subbing Almond milk in mine (which I did clear with Dominique!) because I had some in the fridge I didn't want to go bad. I'm definitely noticing more burping too, but I guess that's all part of the "clearing out" of things. Juice day was a little tough yesterday, started with a smoothie and was doing fine through lunch, but really started feeling really tired by mid-late afternoon (once again, could also be attributed to a longer-than-usual work day) and had more trouble multi-tasking than usual. I will say though, that I am enjoying the 15 minutes of "quiet-time"/meditation. It's a great chance to collect myself and really feel more focused. One more question for Dominique: what are the thoughts on tea during the detox? Should we limit that to one cup a day just like coffee? Or is it unlimited as long as I use agave or honey to sweeten?

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  1. Meagan,
    As long as you drink herbal and organic tea, you can drink as much as you like. THey are actually therapeutic. Try ginger and lemon tea sweetened with raw honey.

    About almond milk, it takes it a long time to go back, unlike cow milk. Just FYI.
    So far so good. let us know how much weight you lost tomorrow or this weekend.