Sunday, August 8, 2010

No More Diabetes

Just 3 months on the Zizania program and I am no longer diabetic. I cannot express my gratitude in words to Dominique Hoffman for putting such an innovative program in place, for her patience and in-depth knowledge of nutrition, food, and her ability to assist me in changing my eating habits.

I have been diabetic for 10 years, I did not believe that it could be reversed. I have lost 20 lbs. My hands and face use to be swollen and puffy, they now look normal. One morning I woke up and I felt my toes. It just occurred to me that I have been living with neuropathy for God knows how long and did not know it. But the best part is the food was amazing and I did not feel deprived one day! I stopped snacking on cheese and crackers, I ended by afternoon visits to the candy bowl, and because I no longer eat packaged food, take outs, and restaurant meals, my grocery bill has reduced by 30 %.

It is simply wonderful to feel healthy every day and so easy to get used to feeling good.

From Lana
Springfield, VA

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