Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Recap / Quinoa, my new love...

Week #1 is complete, moving on to week #2! Lost 2 lbs last week, not planning to check again until the end :) I was forced to deviate from the plan a bit this weekend while helping my in-laws move, and I could tell it was the first time I'd had coffee in a while (I phased out coffee about 2 weeks before the detox started). Having a little trouble waking up this morning (and am EXTRA sore), but at least the smoothie is keeping from being hungry. I think I mentioned in my last post that my energy levels have been up, and I think so even more now. I don't know how I would have done with a weekend like that on my previous diet without passing out! Plus, basically all of the heartburn/reflux symptoms that I used to experience on a daily basis have disappeared. So that alone is worth the whole 2 weeks! As we move into week #2, I plan to use that Quinoa recipe more. I can't believe I lived my whole life thus far without Quinoa! It may be my new favorite love (don't tell my boyfriend!) and I plan to use it all the time, even after the week is over. I was also really encouraged to hear that another patient had been able to fins Amaranth at the local MOM's, so I'll have to venture out this week for a re-fill grocery trip and grab some things. Looking forward to trying the new recipes too. Since we can't do chips, what are good recommendations to dip in the Salsa? I may have to modify a bit because it looks a bit spicy for my tastebuds.... Hope everyone is hanging in there, we're halfway there!

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