Sunday, February 21, 2010


I didn't eat anything until noon when I had the smoothie. About 2:30 I got heartburn which continued on and off until about 6pm. At 3:30, I ate a beet/apple soup and a few GF pretzels trying to calm the stomach. I had a banana at 5:30. I must have some bug too as I took several naps today. Felt cold too even though I don't have a fever. Dinner was cooked - a litte mashed potatoes and steamed broccolli. I did go shopping today and will do Day 1 with the full menu tomorrow. I hope I can do it fully. Lynne

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  1. Lynn,
    Wao, that is part of the detox but usually you don't react this fast. The heart burn is probably from the acidity in the collard greens. You may have a little ulcer as well.

    Next time, eat some nuts before raw greens to help coat your stomach.

    I have to say that the symptoms are going to get worse and you may not be able to finish the week. If that is the case, you and I will talk offline.
    Remember this is a very gentle detox if you cannot handle this, it is a sign that you really need to change your diet.
    You asked me about replacing wheat in the tabouleh, you can use millet or quinoa.