Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You wanted to know

I have done detox diets before and was not expecting this. I had the shake for breakfast but with only one scoop of protein. For lunch I made a salad of curly cabbage, kale, carrot, celery, parsley and cilantro with the sesame ginger dressing. It was really good. but about an hour later my abdomen was bloated and painful. this lasted about 3 hours. Sadly I finally had to take a pepto. thinking it unwise to eat more raw food, I had mashed sweet potato with onions sauteed in olive oil and tamari for dinner. One of my favorite vegan dishes. This settled in OK. I am still excited to complete the program. Not sure how i am going to fit the fast in to tomorrows schedule. I might have to wait until Thursday. Any thought as to what caused the bloating?

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  1. The reason you reacted so strongly is because you have not had those nutrients in a long time and you did not have the enzymes to digest them. You probably have a depleted intestinal flora.

    I suggest you take some probiotics to help the condition, then introduce some raw foods and juices slowly. This is crucial for achieving good health, feeling good, and warding off disease.
    You need both raw and cooked foods. Raw foods have all their nutrients intact, provided you chew them properly, you will get more nutrients and less calories than you would get from cooked food.

    Please call me when you get a chance so I can ask you some private question to give you more personalized guidance.