Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lunch with a customer today

I invited a "potential" customer to lunch today. He said he liked Asian flavours, so I made pasta in peanut and coconut milk sauce and for dessert we had freshly made raw apple sauce. He was surprised that he could eat pasta even though he had diabetes. I explained to him that the carbohydrate restriction the doctors recommend is so he could live with diabetes. What I do is try to reverse it completely. This is what he wrote to me the next day: "Thanks for the wonderful lunch, it was wonderful. I felt energized for the rest of the day". If you want to understand how this works, please read Dr. Bernard's book "Reversing Diabetes" he does a very good job at explaining what type 2 diabetes is and how to reverse it with a change in diet.


  1. "pasta in peanut and coconut milk sauce"? That's a three-way no-no for the traditional dieter. I can't wait to see how if fits into a healthy diet!