Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hello! Zizania Diet and Nutrition Coaching is now on !
Who are we? Zizania provides coaching in diet and nutrition for individuals

  • who are overweight, or
  • who suffer from Lupus, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or cancer, or
  • who want to change their diet to achieve optimal health, or
  • who want to lower their footprint on the environment.

We can do this by teaching you a new way to buy and prepare food.

When we decide to buy a car or a house, we do research by comparing prices and quality. We read a collection of materials, we ask questions, until we find exactly the model, size, shape, and price that we want. But when it comes to eating, we go for convenience and price. We often forget that whatever we put in our mouths will shape how we feel, how we age, and what kind of body and ailments we will have in the future. (Of course, diet isn't everything. The quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink, our stress level, and heredity all play a role in shaping our health. But diet is one of the easiest things to fix.)

Zizania's answer to this common 21st-century problem is education in food consumption. We show you how to prepare delicious, easy, and quick every day meals that are nutritious and affordable. We encourage our customers to get most of the nutrients they need from food instead of supplements. Our bodies are well equipped to digest food but are inefficient at metabolizing nutrients contained in pills. We work with our customers hand in hand to create customized plant based meals to satisfy both their hunger and their taste buds.

We provide our customers with tools to succeed and stay there. Aside from our coaches' extensive knowledge, there are books, magazines, websites, and local organizations specialized in different areas related to food, health, and nutrition. We put a plethora of information at our customers' finger tips. And if anything is unclear we provide one-on-one support free of charge.

This blog is for Zizania coaches to post things we'd like the world to know, for our clients to tell their stories, and for anyone who loves food and ethical eating to join in a conversation.

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