Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blackberry Season

The blackberries are coming in fast, now. Our bush is in its second year; it's about six feet high and three feet thick and ten feet long. It produces about a quart of berries every other day. They're great for smoothies, if you can get them to stay around that long. They evaporate quickly, once I get them into the kitchen.
Of course, they evaporate pretty fast on the bushes, too. There's a catbird hanging around the garden who thinks those berries are there for her benefit. According to the Wikipedia,
Grey Catbirds are not afraid of predators and respond to them aggressively by flashing their wings and tails and by making their signature mew sounds. They are also known to even attack and peck predators that come too near their nests.
I can vouch for the loud mouths and the aggression, but she doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. We have a deal -- anything that's still on the bush when I get home from work is MINE. So she can just shut up, or she can tell it to the cat.

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  1. Update: There were a pair of goldfinches hanging around the blackberry bush this morning. Since goldfinches are such an improvement to the appearance of almost any landscape, I said they could hang out. I may come to regret that, but they don't look like they eat much.

    Is it weird that I think "the Goldfinches" sounds like I'm talking about an elderly Jewish couple?